The new 2015 collection draws upon the rational thought expressed by the Modern Movement, while at the same time taking inspiration from the plastic, sensual shapes of the more dynamic architectural movements.






Seymour was conceived of the idea to create a seating system that maintains a distinctly formal precision while surrendering to the desire for curved lines in an elegant succession of soft, inviting volumes.The Seymour sofa expresses a softly feminine comfort and sensual elegance, drawing its inspiration from a dynamic, sinuous architectural language. The system comprises linear and curved seating elements.


Structure: in multi-ply wood, seat suspension is provided by elastic straps with a high rubber content.

Cushions: channeled goose down (certified Assopiuma, gold label).

Covers: fabric and leather.









Designed to furnish hospitality settings with style and elegance, Lounge Seymour offers restrained proportions and curves that express a feeling of intimacy and discretion. Soft shapes, diminished proportions and sinuous lines - the Lounge Seymour system was designed specifically for furnishing hospitality settings where relaxation and sociability speak the language of refined elegance.


Structure: in multi-ply wood, seat suspension is provided by elastic straps with a high rubber content.



















A sophisticated collection of jewel-like coffee tables. A range of coffee tables whose aesthetic nature is akin to that of a precious object, and which have a precise function – to serve as a surface – but most importantly to play a highly decorative role, revealing a well-measured elegance that mimics the Milanese design from the 50’s and 60’s.


The metal frame comes in a glossy Chrome, glossy Gold or satin-finish Bronze, while the top has been set in the frame,  in a selection of rare and precious marbles such as Arabescato Purple, Sahara Noir and Rosso Levanto marble or in Moka-colored briarwood.























A sophisticatedly asymmetrical table whose shape is enhanced by the use of satin-finished Bronzed metal. Haring belongs to the popular series of accent tables endowed with signature-styled personality, confident enough to play a supporting role for seamless integration with all the sofas and armchairs in the collection, lending an unconventional note of modern decor to any setting.


















The Catlin collection of coffee tables conveys an air of sophisticated simplicity, available in an array of materials that express refined, restrained elegance. 


The elegant metal base features a cross-pattern motif and invites some unique combinations: textured black-painted paired with bright Chrome or Gold finish, for very different stylistic interpretations.


The top options, available in laminated Smoked Grey glass or in two rare and luxurious marbles like Arabescato Purple or Sahara Noir, with polished finish.


The Catlin series includes coffee tables with round and oval tops, available in various sizes, as well as a console table version and dining tables.














Distinctive to the Catlin collection of dining tables is the deliberately uncomplicated design of the base that is available in a surprising number of combinations of materials:  textured black-painted metal combined with bright Chrome or bright Gold finish.


The beveled top comes in a number of shapes - round, oval and rectangular, and an assortment of finishes - from the tactile warmth of open pore Moka lacquered oak, to the refinement of polished Arabescato Purple marble and the modern feel of Smoked Grey glass.





















The fine craftsmanship inherent in the Aylon storage units emphasizes the poetically tactile qualities of wood and revisits the great cabinet-making tradition in a contemporary key.


The sophisticated workmanship that distinguishes the Aylon family of cabinets traces back to the heritage of cabinet-making typical of Italy’s Brianza area.


The structure comes in glossy lacquer Sand, Clay or Granite finish. The Aylon series includes two sideboards, a cupboard and a living-space unit featuring a clever play of shapes, with a lateral projecting storage element.


The interior fittings for each element were carefully designed to respect the function served by each piece. The cupboard was crafted for placement in the dining room and the luxurious interior fittings are exquisitely suited to this use – opening the door turns on the LED strip lights positioned in the upper shelf.


The space is thoughtfully divided to accommodate a clear, beveled glass shelf for storing glasses and a pull-out shelf covered in saddle-hide, a cutlery drawer also covered in saddle-hide, and two generously-sized drawers designed to hold plates and other tableware items.

Minotti 2015 collection is now available at Minotti Showroom, Noble Solo Thonglor. For more information please contact Tel. 02-714-9040.




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The new 2015 collection draws upon the rational thought expressed by the Modern Movement