Bangkok – 15 May 2017 – KitchenArt (Thailand) Company Limited, the distributor of Sub-

Zero and Wolf, the industry leaders in luxury and technologically-advanced refrigeration, wine

storage, hand-crafted cooktops and modules, today introduces for the first time in Thailand its

flagship showroom, fully equipped with state of the art home appliances from Sub-Zero and


“We are very proud to introduce one of the world’s most renowned food preservation

technologies and kitchen appliances in Thailand,” says Mr. Yam Churn Meng, Managing

Director of KitchenArt (Thailand) Company Limited, the distributor of Sub-Zero and

Wolf in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. “Sub-Zero and Wolf are renowned for the

extraordinary quality of their products. From the first freestanding freezer back in 1943, Sub-

Zero has grown successfully during the past 70 years. The company is set on the founding

motto to make only the highest-quality products. And that is the whole reason we all are here

today. We are now more than ready for customers to find out more about our products as

they would at their own home here at our showroom.”

Partnered with Dedon outdoor furniture, Lucaris crystal wine glasses, Patra porcelain,

Seagull stainless steel, Silestone kitchen countertops and Technogym fitness equipment,

the grand opening of the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom in Bangkok is designed to be a

event where guests experience all the products with gastronomic delights by international

award winning chefs from Asia.

“With all of the talented chefs flying in to cook and the beautiful equipment and design, the

opening party of Sub-Zero and Wolf's showroom in Bangkok will be without a doubt one of

the top parties of the year,” says Chef Ian Kittichai, Sub-Zero and Wolf’s culinary

ambassador, Thailand’s top celebrity chef and owner of Issaya Group of Restaurant


At the opening party, Chef Ian is teaming up with top chefs including Don Berger from Don’s

in Vietnam, Will Goldfarb from Room4Dessert in Ubud and Benjamin Cross from Kudeta

Bali. These chefs are culinary ambassadors of Sub- Zero and Wolf for KitchenArt Group and

members of Sub-Zero and Wolf’s The Friends of the Kitchen which is a collection of

chefs, restaurateurs, critics, sommeliers s and who share the brands’ passion for perfect


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America, Sub-Zero and Wolf are the world’s

leading luxury brands for cooking aficionados. A family business that has now run through the

third generation, Sub-Zero and Wolf still handcraft all their products with no compromise for

the best quality and no industrialized short-cuts as if they were produced for the first time

back in 1943. Sub-Zero’s reputations for food preservation technologies are top-notch and

still unmatched. Sub-Zero’s signature designs of separate dual refrigeration, sealed cooling

systems for the refrigerator and freezer are to ensure optimum preservation conditions for

each type of food. The multi-refrigeration compartments eliminate cross-compartment flavor

contamination and reduces freezer burn. Also, all Sub-Zero refrigeration units are known for

the NASA antimicrobial air purification system that scrubs the air fresh from the food-induced

ethylene gas, mold, viruses, and bacteria.

“This is a family business, and family is at the center of everything we do. That sets us apart

in the appliance industry,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

“Since my grandfather, Westye F. Bakke, established the company, it has operated on the

belief that if you make the highest-quality product, you’ll always have customers. Since the

beginning, we’ve been dedicated to making quality products, in the USA, in direct response to

homeowners’ needs. We further extend that quality to our valued customers through the high

level of service and support we offer them. We’ve done this for 70 years, and we’ll continue to

do so for the next generations to come.”


The Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom in Bangkok is also one of a kind. Set in an airy and

spacious home built at the turn of the century, the House of Sub-Zero and Wolf showcases

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in a cozy yet alluring home ambience. The kitchen, being the

focus point of the house, is fully equipped with everything an avid home cook would be

dreaming of in a perfect and elegant home kitchen, combining Sub-Zero’s patented

refrigeration technologies integrated beautifully with their wine cellars and Wolf’s sturdy and

stunning signature stoves, ovens, integrated modules, retractable warming drawers and hightech


“We are also working closely with developers, architects and interior designers to enhance

the Sub-Zero and Wolf experiences to our customers,” adds Mr. Yam. “This showroom will

be a showcase of our products where customers experience how it would be like having the

same look and feel in their homes. Meanwhile, for architects and interior designers, they can

come here with their customers and be intrigued with many possibilities because we can also

do all kinds of custom design options to fit each home’s personalized environs as well.”

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s products are built to last. The beloved heirlooms, to be exact. It is no

overstatement that families who have used Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have been known

to lovingly pass down their well-used items to their children. With timeless designs and

magnificently reliable American technologies, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are the one you

buy, enjoy and to hand over to the next generation.

“But if customers do have any problems with the products, we are always here to help,”

ensures Mr. Yam. “With all the strenuous reliability testing prior to all the shipping and

delivering, Sub-Zero and Wolf products are one of the most trusted kitchen appliances ever.

Furthermore, Sub Zero and Wolf have been positioned as the No. 1 premium appliances in

the world by JD Power which further endorses our leadership in product performance and


Sub-Zero and Wolf offer a wide range of food preservation and cooking appliances, including

full size and integrated refrigeration, wine storage, cooking ranges, built-in oven and

microwave oven, specialty modules, ventilation, warming drawers, outdoor grills as well as

coffee system.

A third-generation, family-owned company, Sub-Zero appliances are constructed by hand in

the United States using premium-grade materials. Developed with and for the design

community, Sub-Zero products offer limitless design possibilities backed by more than 70

years of appliance expertise. KitchenArt (Thailand) Company Limited is the sole distributor of

Sub-Zero and Wolf products in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

About Sub-Zero and Wolf

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Madison, Wis., Sub-Zero, Inc., is the leading

manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezers and wine storage products.

Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and

prides itself on being the first company to store frozen foods at ultralow, “sub-zero”

temperatures. In 2000, Wolf Appliance, Inc. the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops

and grills was acquired by Sub-Zero, establishing the brands as corporate companions and

kitchen soul mates. Now in its third generation of family ownership, the privately held

company operates manufacturing facilities in Fitchburg, Wis., and Goodyear, Ariz. Both

brands are continually recognized for the highest achievements in refrigeration and cooking

innovation and in customer satisfaction.


About KitchenArt Group

Following the success its of distribution sales in Thailand since 2000, KitchenArt is awarded

with the license to distribute premium refrigeration and built in appliances - Sub Zero and

Wolf brands. KitchenArt group is responsible for sales distribution for Thailand, Indonesia and

Vietnam. The House of Sub Zero and Wolf in the Kingdom of Thailand is the second flagship

showroom to launch this year. Its first flagship showroom in Jakarta was launched in 2012.

For more information, please contact:

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KitchenArt (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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FAX: +662 713-8655

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Bangkok – 15 May 2017 – KitchenArt (Thailand) Company Limited, the distributor of Sub- Zero and Wolf, the industry leaders in luxury and technologically-advanced refrigeration,