GEO.GRAHAM TOURBILLON George Graham’s legacy Limited edition of 100 pieces


George Graham’s legacy

Limited edition of 100 pieces

Precious, innovative, refined and expressing the same British watch making heritage; that’s Geo.Graham collection.

GRAHAM continues to explore its origins. Back to George Graham, the peer watch maker, the father of the chronograph, the genius craftsman who left his mark on an entire generation of scientists and intellectuals and an inspiration for today’s timepieces.

Following in the footsteps of late 17th century watch making, GRAHAM has introduced a tribute classical Geo.Graham Tourbillon which distinguishes itself by its extreme thinness and micro-rotor movement. 

George Graham created and lived an interesting and unusual life. He made great contributions to watch making and science especially when entering the Royal Society in 1721. With Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley as prestigious acolytes, the ground was fertile for creation. Numerous scientific concepts and constructions changed our vision of the world.

The 18th century pioneering team inspired us to create a complication in homage and tribute to their achievement and fellowship.

GRAHAM was determined to preserve the long-standing tradition of high precision English timepieces from the Age of Enlightment even though the tourbillon hadn’t yet been. George Graham and his friends could have been the inventors.

We have developed a special tourbillon piece. Not just any tourbillon. A 60-second tourbillon and we have made it ultra-thin (9.85 mm).

High-technology and expert craftsmen, such as local partner Le Cercle des Horlogers in La Chaux-de-Fonds, has contributed to achieving the classical Geo.Graham Tourbillon.

The double-bridge construction of the 60-second tourbillon, at 6 o’clock, combined with the micro-rotor movement provide the perfect functional balance with an increased power output and barrel resetting as well as enabling to reduce thickness

Made in pink gold (18K), the Geo.Graham Tourbillon features remarkable elements such as the balance wheel and off-centred oscillating weight which together create a dynamic effect and perfect unity of technology and design.

The attractive and mechanically completed movement is like it is frozen. It is held by two sapphire glass boxes on the front and back of the piece, giving the impression it is floating in the air. The domed crystal offers a full size dimension (36 mm opening) and a see-through view on the beauty of the mechanism. The off-centred oscillating weight functions flawlessly as a special slot on the case back glass box has been created on the sapphire crystal case back for it.

The extreme thinness of the watch (9.85 mm) accentuates the harmony, lightness and high end finishing of the Haute Complication tourbillon movement.

Our passion for refined details led us to decorate the white enamel lacquered dial with the railway track which represents the minute scale and features arrows and stars. The oscillating weight is engraved with ornamental arabesques also inspired by traditional George Graham decoration.

The Geo.Graham Tourbillon is the smart representation of traditional luxury watch making.

GRAHAM traces its origins to London clockmaker George Graham (1673-1751) who is considered as the father of modern watch making. He is known as the father of the chronograph as he invented the start and stop device of the chronograph. And the dead-beat and cylinder escapement, the mercury pendulum to compensate the influence of temperature on pendulums, to name a few. He also built the master clock for Greenwich Royal Observatory which timed most of the 18th century and lots of science instruments for astronomers and physicists. GRAHAM was revived in 1995 and is today a privately owned Swiss watch company. GRAHAM SA creates and manufactures its watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

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GEO.GRAHAM TOURBILLON George Graham’s legacy Limited edition of 100 pieces

George Graham’s legacy Limited edition of 100 pieces