Chloé opens new image boutique in The Emporium Mall, Bangkok


 Chloé opens new image boutique in The Emporium Mall, Bangkok 


 We are pleased to announce the opening of the Chloé’s new look boutique in Bangkok. 

The new look boutique, draws inspiration from the Maison Chloé on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Designed to encourage the natural hospitality and cool attitude that defines the Chloé spirit, the light-filled space showcases a complete collection of ready-to-wear, leather goods and accessories. 

The maison Chloé, designed by Joseph Dirand and home to the famous Parisian label is one such place, so much that it reads as a reflection of what it is. 


The fashion house’s British-born creative director Clare Waight Keller conveyed to the Parisian architect the image of the Chloé woman with an aura of seventies sensibility. For sixty years, it has expressed naturalness, freedom and modernity. Today, the place is the perfect illustration of the intangible elegance of this bold woman. Joseph Dirand immerses himself in this feminine world where unassuming luxury shows through in the ready to wear collections. Transparent and slender silhouettes are designed to reflect the personality of every woman. This very masculine architect who is used to playing on contrasts, clean lines and sharp angles, embraces the brand’s fundamental identity and is influenced by its rich, flowing materials, its shades of soft beige and ivory and its curvaceous shapes and gilded metal forms. 

Together, they create the space and reproduce t identity of a fason house. A light-filled space where one can wander around freely. It is designed with poetry and luxury and reveals a natural hospitality, a “cool attitude” that defines the Chloé spirit and its welcome. The furniture’s organic lines are designed by Joseph Dirand, and a tribute to designers like Maria Pergay, Gabriella Crespi or Willy Rizzo. The furniture has been produced by the greatest French craftmen. The shelves, delicate and light as leaves, blend into the décor. The atmosphere which is created offers Chloé women and young girls a world cultivated by affinities. At the entrance, the atmosphere is more intimate to house the leather goods and accessories collection and then lead the visitors to a chamber of the ready to wear collection, where here, rather than obvious, the aesthetic  complements the collections. This experience, rich in emotion reflects the image of the Chloé woman and serves “best friends” who choose a graceful philosophy and believe in their dreams. There is no denying that this place reveals the close link between the work of the architect and that of dress designer. 




The Emporium new look boutique fact sheet 

Opening date: November, 2014 

Size: 155 square-meter 

Collection: - ready-to-wear 

- handbag & small leather goods 

- shoes 

- jewellery 

- sunglasses 



Address: Shop 1A01A, 1P33 M floor, The Emporium 

Telephone: +662 664 9599 

Opening hours: 10 am to 9 pm daily 

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Chloé opens new image boutique in The Emporium Mall, Bangkok

opening of the Chloé’s new look boutique in Bangkok.