Juthasree Kuvinichkul

Having been involved in the family business since young, khun Juthasree developed a few personal beliefs growing up.

That vision is realizable and a good business should create value for surrounding people and the society. That family love,

giving back to her parents and employees is something to be proud of. These beliefs set the pillars around which her

projects are revolved. Aside being in different industries, one thing that GrabTaxi and Alumet have in

common is the idea of creating a new world, fostering better lives for people. 


For GrabTaxi, bringing safety, speed and convenience to how people commute is to render a more seamless public transportation.

For Alumet, innovating aluminium products to become a part of people’s lives and to promote technological

advancement is to bring the level of countries’ development up to a competing level with developed nations.

After graduating from Bachelor of Economics at Thammasat University, khun Juthasree took time away from family

business, spending three years in commodity trading at Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan to understand the macro view of the financial

and physical market of the aluminum industry. Global experience in the industry was to be brought back to managing Alumet.

For the next two years before returning to Thailand, she continued her MBA study at Harvard Business School in Boston. It was during these

two years that she looked at different industries, explored internet startups and investment space, revoking her interest

in building new companies in tech and non-tech industries. Groomed with the concept of a double bottom line that

intertwine business financial performance with positive social impact, khun Juthasree set visionary goals for the family

business group.


To khun Juthasree, success is not just achievements. It is also how they came about as well. Her success is the team’s

success that create value for customers and the society. Her parents, family, teams and mentors all provide resources,

knowledge and help that form parts of the jigsaws that create herself today and herself in the future.

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Juthasree Kuvinichkul

Having been involved in the family business since young