Natavudh Pungcharoenpong

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong (Moo), 36 years old is a tech entrepreneur

with over 15 years’ experience in founding, funding and managing tech companies.

He is currentlythe founder and CEO of OOKBEE (, South East Asia’s biggest

e-book store with over 85% of the market shares in Thailand. OOKBEE now has over

7 million users and is adding more than 10,000 new users every day. Ookbee’s

team had grown from 5 people to over 200 people in just 4 years with offices in Thailand,

Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. Besides Ookbee, Khun Moo is also a Venture Partner at 500 Startups where he

manages a $10 million USD micro-fund focused on promising startups in Thailand,

“500 TukTuks. He strongly believes that Thailand has huge potential with all the

right ingredients: large market with customers that are willing to pay, increasingly

internet savvy population (social networks are hugely popular) and a strong infrastructure

with talented folks who embrace entrepreneurial spirit. 500 TukTuks will invest in at least 50 Thai startups over the

next few years. Khun Moo’s advice that he always offer to entrepreneurs who want to start up

today is : Hire great people, Build a core team. – “You need a core team who you

can depend on creating something significant. The team should be able to adapt to

changing market condition. And it’s always a good idea to hire a great people even

you still don’t know what role they will be filled in your team. There were many times

at Ookbee when the good people we hired ended up doing a totally different thing from

what we initially hire him for. A great person is an asset and will definitely contribute

solutions to problems wherever you put them in”.

His lifestyle is simple and mostly focused on work. He thinks the key in balancing

his work and life is to know what make him happy and commit to doing it. – “doing

something you love and building product you are passionate about, I believe, is one

of life’s greatest rewards and by doing that, every day, you don’t feel like working at

all”. He also loves travelling to new places where he can find some alone time to think

He told us that some of his best ideas has come from visiting new places or meeting

people from a different field of work. Moo hold a BE in Aerospace Engineering

from Kasetsart University and a ME in Industrial Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology.

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Natavudh Pungcharoenpong

He is currentlythe founder and CEO of OOKBEE